What is in your run bag?

I’ve had my fair share of close calls, being left in the freezing cold with nowhere to go. But after not learning my lesson after the 4th or 5th time. I’ve finally got my act together. Now, whenever I travel in the Woods or anywhere really, I have a run bag that comes with me and I suggest that you do the same.

If you’re not sure what to include in your survival list. well, here are some helpful tips for making it more manageable. Now first off you want to consider every possible circumstance in your planning. there’s so much gear out there nowadays from modern to high tech to low tech lots of decisions to be made.

Hopefully, this list can help you narrow that down and build you the perfect survival kit.

One thing that’s really important is to make sure that you’re familiar with all your gear and it’s been tested. what you don’t want to do is end up in a situation where you need the gear but don’t know how to use it. so just like anything practice. Practice. Practice. Practice

I can’t say this enough practice his life and death in the wilderness.

if you’re building a pack for short-term survival situations here’s a good starting list of contents for that pack.

Full disclosure: These links will bring you to amazon or other gear sites to get you started on building out your kit. If you purchase something from a link below, I will make a commission from the sale. I have to tell you this- cause it’s the law and I have to make a living somehow… even if its 88 cents at a time. But don’t let that discourage you from building a kit. Even if you do not use my links good by me just be prepared and be safe! That’s all that matters!

· Fire-starting elements — a Lighter, Flint and steel, waterproof matches

· Tinder bundle

· Headlamp and or Flashlight with extra batteries

· A Knife Fixed or Folding

· Small compass

· Map of the area you are in (if of course you can know where you’re going to be )

· A whistle

· Rope cord, polychord or paracord (50 to 100 feet )

· Bailing Wire (10 feet)

· Zip lock bags

· Small first aid kit (bandages appointments needle and thread hopefully you don’t need that one)

· Rain poncho

· Stainless steel water container

· Water purification tablets

· Water filtration or Drip Bag

· Extra layer of clothes — Base Layer

· Small Tarp 4 x 6 feet

· Thermal wrap- Survival Blanket

Now if you’re going on a bit of a longer trip and you plan on being off the grid for a while. Here are a few other things to add.

· Hatchet

· Bedding

· Fishing line, lures, and hooks in a small container

· Few extra layers of clothes, pants, socks, winter hat, gloves

· Some sort of dry food like Mountain House meals or MRE’s

· Of course, you’re going to need a sack to put it all in- So a backpack that’s comfortable for long periods of time

· Editable Plant Guide

· Wilderness Skills Book — Or something similar

· Map Case

· Solar Charger or a Turbine charger

· Collapsible Shovel

· Cooking utensils

· Pot

· Jet Boil

· Water Poof Paper

· Journal

· Tent

Now before you grab all this stuff pack your bag and head out into the Woods remember to practice there’s no good and heading out to the Woods with stuff you don’t know how to use. if you don’t know how to use it get the knowledge. there are countless books websites and videos available to help you in this journey.

Let’s say you are someone who doesn’t have the time to build out a kit. Well, I have you covered too. With all-in-one run bags. Built for you and comes right to your door. But remember! You still have to make sure you know how to use it all! Practice. Practice. Practice. Don’t be the person unwrapping new gear in the woods.

Pre-Built Day Emergency Kits

The 72 Hour Bag — All you need in one bag- Well if you are in a hurry.. But I broke mine up into a long term set up. But it’s a great starting point for sure.

Buckets Freeze-Dried Food

Pre-Built Trauma Kits

Not sure what to put into your med kit- Here is everything you could ever need.

Monthly Kit Subscription

I like this because you do not take the hit all at once — Building the perfect kit is expensive. This is a way to spread out the cost and end up with top quality gear that comes to your front door!

Well, I hope this helps you out when putting together your next run bag and hopefully it won’t take you four or five times of getting stuck. before building one yourself.

Be safe out there and remember- Practice! Practice! Practice!




Brian is an outdoor photographer and videographer. He has gone on expeditions around the world chasing people, animals and stories.

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Brian Garrity

Brian Garrity

Brian is an outdoor photographer and videographer. He has gone on expeditions around the world chasing people, animals and stories.

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